these are a few of my favourite things

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Allison’s dead. I guess the only good thing is it looks like I’m dying, too.

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even when i had nothing,
i had bucky
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Sam Winchester meme;

☮ favorite traits {1/5}: His height.

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→ Tywin shielding Tommen

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if you’re a lannister fan who doesn’t like tyrion or appreciate his narrative i don’t trust you

#its incredibly telling that you stan beautiful gilded fools and completely put their disabled and conventionally unattractive brother on the backburner #that you love tywin and his narrative nevermind his avarice and abuse but turn away from tyrion in disgust #that you love the amorality of the lannisters but dgaf for tyrion’s moral dilemma and how he strives to be moral and better but ultimately fails #its not just telling in an isolated interpretation but it parallels the ableism that tyrion’s family wields against him #the fact that you enjoy the others but abhor him

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#clint barton #professional college student

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do action movies know they can have more than one female character


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Harry Potter + Scenerygasm

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